What To Expect From Car Transport Companies

If you decide to move or relocate, you have two choices for your car. The first, is to make a very long drive to your new home; however this is undesirable to some and unrealistic for many others! In this case you need to utilize a car shipping company to deliver your car.

The decision to ship your vehicle depends on the distance from your existing location to your ending location, your budget, and the time frame you require your car delivered. Most people choose to ship their car only a couple times in their life. So what should you expect if this is your first time? The following article explains this in detail – what to expect, what to watch out for, and what you’ll need so that you are fully prepared to work with your auto transport provider!

So tell me, what does this all cost?

What is the usual cost of transporting your car you may ask? It typically ranges from $1,500 to $4,500. Most companies will as for a deposit around 10-25% of the total price. Usually local companies such as lakewood auto transport will provide lower-cost options compared with national transport services, especially during their” off season.”

Your car will normally be shipped using a specialized tractor trailer instead of commercial shipping trucks. It is suggested that you contact 3 or 4 car shipping companies before making your decision and ask for quotes from each. There are several pieces of knowledge you will have to obtain concerning your vehicle before shipping companies can provide you with a quote, including the car’s precise weight and dimensions. If you have this info off-hand, some companies might even lower the shipping cost!

What’s a “transport broker” and Do I need them??

When you are first exploring your options, you may run into what are known as “shipping agents.” These companies aren’t actually transport companies themselves, but rather coordinate with other companies to get your car where it needs to go. In essence, they are middle-men. Auto transport companies on the other hand have to get registered with the Department of Transportation and need to have an active USDOT number. Shipping agents, sometimes called “brokers,” are useful in some circumstances, but understand that they do not bear responsibility for your transport. Rather, Insurance on your car transport delivery is supplied by the automobile transport companies, not the broker. Also note that you must give the shipping company you end up choosing at least 10 days’ notice usually before your expected ship date so as to not incur further charges on your bill. Make sure to discuss all factors involved in your transport up front and before any contracts are signed.


Lastly, remember, trust and good communication is absolutely necessary for your relationship with the automotive transport company you hire. There’s a lot that can go wrong, but if you do your research early-on and properly vet the highest-rated companies in your area, you have the peace of mind that your vehicle will be taken care of during the move.


3 Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Mileage

Mileage is the lifespan of a car.  We measure success in vehicle maintenance by how many miles it achieves on its odometer.  We all know to get an oil change every 3,000 miles.  And we all know to avoid buying used cars with too many miles on them, knowing that sooner or later, the thing will crap out on you.  So with that in mind, why don’t more of us do more things to avoid putting extra mileage on our cars?

For some people this might be irrelevant.  Some people who lease cars, for example, don’t even get close to their yearly mileage limit.  Some people only take their car out on a Sunday drive, putting less than 10,000 miles per year on the odometer.  Others simply have an old car that they don’t care about running into the ground (I know this feeling all too well), but for the majority of us car owners, keeping mileage, wear and tear, and avoiding maintenance costs, are all extremely important to our bottom line.

Below are three excellent options for getting this done.  Each item in this list can save you thousands of miles a year, depending on how often you implement it.  Each is also relatively easy, requiring only slight inconveniences.  I challenge you to attempt to make at least one of these part of your normal routine, and see how your monthly miles get impacted.

Opt for Delivery, Not Pick-Up

11100009_10206585691825373_1006582518_nThis is a not-so-obvious example, but a ton of miles are put on cars when they go to pickup either small or big-ticket items from stores and shops.  Everything from pizza to backyard playground installations, these things can put an unneeded strain on your car/truck and add unneeded miles to our odometer.  When available, opt for free-delivery.  Many larger ticket items come with free delivery and installation.  Look for deals on a company’s website, or call to negotiate a better price.

This option will sometimes lead to you paying a bit extra, but it’s usually not too much.  The extra cost might end up saving your bigger money in the long term when your vehicle comes up for its yearly maintenance.  Keep that in mind next time you plan a trip to Ikea to pickup furniture.

Car Pool

11128271_10206585688865299_1715174515_nThis might have been the most obvious option, but it’s all the most effective.  Commuting is the highest source of extra mileage that a car can obtain.  With average commute at nearly an hour (back and forth), and much higher in the more populated cities, that can lead to more than 1,000 miles a month on your car.   If you carpool with 2 friends, this not only cut your mileage by 2/3rd, but also helps your co-workers/friends do the same.

For many commuters, morning and evening rush-hour are some of the worst times to drive, with stop-and-go traffic at its maximum.  This puts extra strain on your engine and ends up taking years off your cars lifespan.  When looking at it this way, car pooling can have a higher-than-average positive effect, with each mile taken off your odometer meaning even more in terms of long term health of your car.

It also has the added benefit of relieving traffic on the highway system (the reason many regions have seen
the additions of HOV lanes for carpoolers).  While not a direct impact on your wallet this is definitely an added incentive.  If more people car-pooled the traffic on your morning commute would be much less grueling.


Car PoolI know people aren’t going to like this one, but it’s true.  Consider making walking, running, or biking part of your normal weekend or after-hours routine.  Some of us might not have the option of walking to the grocery store, but often times we do, and just happen to take the car because it’s easier.  This lazy type of thinking is prevalent in modern society, but we are starting to reverse the trend.  Biking has become increasingly popular, and along with the rise of a more health conscious society, so has walking or running.

Picking up a bike will cost less than $200, and can not only save you added miles on your car, but can also add years to your life.  Regular cardio exercise has been known to reduce the chances of cardio vascular diseases (which have plagued modern society).

Whatever you do, remember that using your car for everything is usually not necessary.  We find ourselves using cars or trucks as a default transportation method, but that’s not always needed.  Save some of your cars precious lifespan by resorting to other methods, and you will find yourself saving money in the long run.

10-Seat Van Hire – Your Best Solution

vanhireIf you want to hire a 10 or a 12-seater van for holidays with small group of individuals, or or pickup two families from the airport, or simply would like to go out along with your friends for one night, hiring a 10-seater van can be your best choice.

Majority of the companies tend to offer ordinary as well as luxury vans for speedy rentals. A lot of them offer 24hrs rentals, one week rentals as well as weekend rentals services. All these facilities come at an affordable prices.

Luxury van hire focus one high-end transport, offer tourists with the newest in luxurious vans. Dodge Sprinter – one of the high end vans is a good example of it.

So the next question will be, where will you find a good 10 plus seater van? The fact is, no big hire companies provide this type of passenger vehicle at the moment.

Taking a lot of your friends for your next holidays to the city of New York? Then you will require a big passenger van hire which will have the capacity of holding up-to 12 to 15 passengers at one time!

What can you do?

Search Engines

The first thing that you must do in these situations is to search in a popular search engines such as Google, Bing or even Yahoo with definite location and check out if someone is offering such type of service.


Check out Yellow pages

In the majority of the occasions, finding some of the top deals for 10 passenger van hire can be tough. Many of the local hire services don’t offer discounts and coupons. You must also look in the local yellow page listings for such type of coupons, since they can save you up-to 10 percent off the actual hire cost. A great van hire Portsmouth company we can vouch for is Southern Van Hire.

Lost Car Keys? No Problem!

We have all lost our car keys, and we have probably all lost the spare set as well. If you are reading this you have probably lost yours too and are looking for a replacement. You have also probably noticed the crazy prices the vehicle companies charge for what really is a simple bit of electronics.

That’s where companies like Discount Keyless Remote come in, it’s straightforward and saves you a heap of cash. You can even buy two just in case you lose in again!

everything for vehicles keysDiscount keyless remote supply aftermarket automotive remotes and fobs for the most common car security systems and can include shake remote if requested.

The remotes are rigorously tested and will always work, they also include free shipping.

It’s easy getting replacement keys online and customers have been surprised by this time and time again. You will need to remember your FCC ID number, Make and model and manufacturer.

Replacing the keys is useful, although many customers complain about the huge prices of the big car companies, this is when making an intelligent choice to go with an aftermarket company is the right way to go.
The only time you can get into your car is if you have keys, and if you lose them there isn’t much you can do.

If you would like to know more about our experience with multiple aftermarket key replacement companies please get in contact with us and we will provide you with a list of people who we prefer along with a long list of prices and notes.

Top 10 Family Vehicles

The world of family vehicles

The use of cars has become a very important part of our lives these days which makes it really important for us to go ahead and find out the best brand of car which is there in the market these days. The car is used by many different sections of the society these days ranging from a laborer to the head of a state. The many different types of car models and designs make it very useful and easy for the buyer to go ahead and make a smart and cool decision. The many types of cars and other such four wheelers which are there in the market these days are made by keeping purely the choice and interest of the customer in mind.

The many car varieties are the sedans, hatchbacks, sports utility vehicles and the four seater as well as the electric cars. The family cars are much in use these days because they are very much comfortable and also have sufficient amount of luggage space. The use of family vehicles has increased in manifold ways over the past few decades with the increase in the demand of the many family vehicle models which are there in the market these days. The demand has increased due to the simplified policy of the government in the process of getting a car loan. The many different family vehicles are there and a particular car review magazine has been publishing the list of the top 10 family vehicles for 2014. They have decided to bring the list out every year from now onwards.

The best family vehicles

hyundai-santa-fe-2013The magazine which brings out the list of the top family vehicles is a very good effort from their end to create a mass awareness in the minds of the general public who would very eagerly want to know the difference between the various models and also the qualities and attributes that all the individual family vehicles intrinsically have.

The use of the industry experts by them to go ahead and conduct the market survey which they do with an extreme amount of care. They do the required amount of on field research which they do to go ahead and understand the many different demands and requirements of the market. The list of the best family cars is brought out and published after conducting a lot of surveys, study’s, and user voting. The entire voting process takes months to complete which is very much in deep detail as well as lengthy.

The industry veterans use many processes and aspects to find out the technical specifications and performance rating of all the individual vehicles which make it to the final list. This is done by the use of extensive use of market surveys which is very much an important feature of the entire practice. The magazine is run by a very well known business group which in mainly involved in the business of media and entertainment. The main use of the list is to offer any buyer or a potential buyer to clearly understand the major differences and advantages which are there with the best vehicle brands.

When you need a van

Van hire is necessary for carrying loads which are lesser in volume and which won’t require a big moving pickup truck. If you’re deciding on transporting some of your stuff to your next location, consider on moving slowly by hiring vans rather than huge trucks. For example, if the house you’re about to transfer isn’t constructed completely and you simply need little amount of your house to be finished, in this case a van hire can be important to carry smaller stuff.

You can book the van using the internet after you find firms which are involved on this kind of business. Select a particular date where the reservation is still free however if the trip is commanding or if the moving is urgent, then continue with your search till you’re able to find the one with free slots available and is able to meet your schedules.

Van hire rates vary based upon the kind of vehicle and the company that operates it. Van hire rate for carrying smaller loads when moving or for another intent, will normally charge per-mile rates on top of its regular rate. Yet, the cost will vary according to the type of van the consumer prefers. This might also change based upon what hire company you tend to pick.

Some general rates could be as low as about 25 dollars or less which may go up-to 75 dollars on a day to day basis, all dependent upon the type, and condition of the van. Cash payments can be a choice through your credit card or with a cash deposit.

Some of the companies will need a deposit in order to guarantee that the vehicle will be returned in good condition and safe.
After you’ve picked the van rental company that you will go with, review the agreement carefully before signing. After the vehicle is due for return, make sure to fill up the tank with gas up to the level it was before the hire. Also, ensure that you clean the inner part of the van before sending it back to the company.

Luxury Car Hire Companies

Many of us have the desire to travel Europe and other places. We get animated by the idea that we’ll visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Sistine Chapel or the Tower of Pisa. Most among us are ready to save sufficient money on a daily basis in order save enough cash to enjoy such this type of journey. Luxury car hire services will surely add more life and further spice to your holidays that you’ve been dreaming and waiting for quite some time.

luxurycarhireEven though it might look like luxury car hire companies would rip you off, in reality this isn’t the case. Majority of car hire services are providing luxury cars rental that are very similar to normal car types. Although, the price can be a little more as compared to regular car hire amounts, but the small price difference is surely worth it. Also, there are various aspects that you must consider so as to make this vision more reasonable.

The initial thing that you must consider are the pick-up and drop-off terms. When reserving a car, determine the most inexpensive arrangement, depending upon the place you’ll be visiting. Regular drop-off and pick-up points for luxury car rental services comprise the hotel, the airport where you’ll be residing, or any key landmark on the big city. See if the car hire company is offering free pick-up and drop-off. If that’s not the case, check which location would be the most economical.

Driving your sports car fast will get you in trouble with the law and you may have to sell it to pay for the bail – bailbondingnow.com!

You must also take into account the mileage terms. If you’re planning to trip the whole city, then it is better to pick the company which provides unlimited mileage. With this, you’re assured that you don’t require to pay extra fees just to to be able to visit to all the locations you would like to see.

One more advantage of renting luxury car is the added features and services which are normally bundled within the deal. Many companies provide 24-hrs emergency help which is something many of you will need if you’re visiting an unfamiliar land. A number of firms also provide you with the choice to hire an experienced driver for no additional cost. With this, you’ll be able to enjoy the whole trip with your friends, family, and your loved ones. The total money you’ll need for upgrading to a luxury car rental will only be a fraction of what you’ll pay for hiring a separate driver to go with you for the trip.

When you first look at it, luxury car hire services might seem impractical and unnecessary. But, if you look at the bigger picture, the advantages that you can get by upgrading your car hire is unmatched to the minimal amount that you’ll be paying.

Finding The Cheapest Car Hire

First, you could visit the websites of various rental firms that are available online. Simply visit their website & see for the best deal which will suit all your requirements and budget. Otherwise, you may also visit priceline.com. This site will help you find the best hire services in your preferred location.
Second, you must never use airport car rental just to avoid additional airport charges. It’s very well-known fact that airport hire costs much more as compared to the other car hiring services.

Third, you must use online search engines, no matter if it is Google or Yahoo! The key here is to check some reliable rental firms in your preferred holiday destination. And, you should pick among them only as getting the car rentals with new car rental firms can be too risky especially for travelers.

Fourth, it’s crucial to book early if you would like to get the most economical car hire. It can save you plenty of cash on the condition that you book well in advance. Also you can negotiate for the price amount if you tend to use the firm’s services for an extended period of time.

Fifth, search for any options of special offerings or special rates that the car hire firm is offering. Some of popular car hire firms can give special concession for their customer who are using their car services for the first time. Also, it can be an excellent opportunity to receive the cheapest car rental for your holiday trip.

Sixth, never select a car rental firm who has limited supply of cars. It is much better to book with a firm when their vehicles are in excess. Because as they will have additional supply, they won’t charge you extra just to make use of your immediate requirement.

If in an emergency you need a survival life credit card knife you may want to consider a small slim knife which fits in your wallet.

Seventh, you’ve to select & drop the vehicle back as per the contract rules. It will help you in avoiding paying any fines which the company may impose.

Just by you following the basic tips mentioned in this article, you will be able to enjoy memorable holidays without any worries.

Wheelchair Van Hire

wheel chairIf you’re interested in renting a wheelchair van then you must know what you’re doing, from start till the end. The hire process might not seem confusing at first, but digging a bit deeper will show you that this isn’t the case. Even though there can be several things which you’ve to consider, after you’re familiar with the hire procedure there will be nothing that holds you back.

Tips – Wheelchair Van Hire

1. Check the charges from several companies before making your final decision. If you’re like most individuals it’s safe to assume that you’ll like to save as much cash as possible when renting a wheelchair van. By matching rates from multiple providers you can do this without any problems. Sure, you’ll still be required spend your money but you’ll know that you’re be getting the best discount.

2. Ensure that you’re receiving the right kind of handicap van for hire. Are you looking for a van along with a lift? Or the one which simply has a ramp? It’s crucial that you’re getting all the essential features. The last thing you’ll want is spend your money on a vehicle just to find out that you are unable to use it the way which you thought.

3. Dependability. A minivan which is highly dependable is one of the most important things to consider. You must remember this, no matter which type of van you’re hiring. You will want to stay away from the one which will break down easily. Instead, only hire from those firms which can provide a reliable wheelchair van.

4. Individual wheelchair van companies can be found everywhere. The fact is, you will see a private organization in your locality which leases wheelchair vans at affordable rates; particularly if you’re needing it for the weekends. Rather than hiring from the first company which you see, try to find a private service which will be able to offer you exactly what you’re looking for at the right amount.

Does all of the tips given above make sense? If you’re looking for the best wheelchair van hire company you must follow the four bits of advice given in this article. You might be confused at this time, but after you’ve hired a handicap van you’ll be able to figure out the complete process. It is important to be mindful of your requirements before deciding on a particular hire option. Eventually you will be in control as well as pleased with your decision.